Wine and Beer


Skouras Roditis-Moscofilero Blend, Gr, ’12 – made from grape varietals originating from greece. 32/8

Roxyann Pinot Gris, OR, ’11 – pair with cheese and seafood for fullest effect. 32/8

Vini Veni Vidi Vici Sauvignon Blanc, BG, ‘11 – crisp, grassy, herbacious. 25/6.5

RoxyAnn Viognier, OR, ’11 – pleasing aromatics. silky mouth feel. fruit and flowers. hints of almond. 40/10

Skouras Almyra Chardonnay, Gr, ’10 – creaminess, caramel. well balanced. 36/9

Kourtaki Retsina Gr, ‘09 – aged in pine barrels. dry. pine. pine. pine. 28/7

Rose, Skouras Zoe, Gr ’10 – Ripe cherries and raspberries with sweet spices and floral notes. Bottle only 28


Skouras Saint George and Cabernet blend, Gr ’08 - dry, medium bodied. Blackberries, cherries and hints of herbs. 32/8

Vini Veni Vidi Vici Cab, Bulgaria ’10 – Smooth tannins. Nicely concentrated with a core of ripe red fruit. 25/6.5

Vini Veni Vidi Vici Pinot Noir, Bulgaria ‘ 10 – well structured medium body. cherries, strawberries. soft tannins. 25/6.5

Serra Vineyards, Syrah Or ’11 – spicy berry fruit and toasty oak on the nose with a palate of black fruits. 44/11

Rockwall Zinfandel Monarch St. ’11 – best paired with lamb. 40/10

Carpenter Hill Merlot, Or – dark blend of 78% merlot and 22% petite syrah. nose of menthol and anise. fruity with mild tannins at the finish. 32/8


Ninkasi IPA – 5
Caldera Lager, Amber ale, Pale Ale and Porter - 4.50
Southern Oregon Brewing Company PIlsner – 5