moussaka – a traditional greek casserole. thinly sliced and roasted eggplant and potato provide a bed for seasoned (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove) ground beef and lamb. topped with our bechamel sauce. served with dressed organic greens. $16

bechamel pasta – penne pasta in a creamy bechamel sauce. roasted red bell peppers, spinach, and kalamata olives. 12 add chicken $4

not italian bolognese – penne pasta with a greekified bolognese meat sauce similar to the meat in the ‘moussaka.’ topped with parmesan cheese.

lamb gyro – served on pita with tzaziki and dressed organic greens. substitute garlic fries for organic dressed greens for free. 15

risotto – arborio rice cooked with cream, seasonal vegetables, white onion and a touch of garlic. 13 add prawns for $5.

lamb shank – slow cooked in a fennel seed red wine tomato sauce. served with feta mashed potatoes. 24

meat cutlets (souvlaki) – bite sized meat marinated in olive oil, lemon, rosemary, garlic. grilled and served with pita, tzaziki and organic greens. Choose from; pork tenderloin, $15 chicken breast, $16 beef tenderloin, $19 leg of lamb, $19 surf and turf (prawns and lamb) $22 or falafel for vegetarians $13